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Here's What I Know
I really don't know what I should say.
Do I forgive you? Yes.
Do I remember everything that happened between us? Yes.
Am I still mad? Sometimes.
Does it hurt? Yes, but it gets a little better everyday.
Then why do I like you? I don't know, but I know the feeling is really strong.
All I know is that...
I miss you.
I want you back home.
I hate that you moved.
I hate that my best friend is gone.
I hate that we can't work with an actual relationship.
I hate that you notice other girls.
I hate that I love you.
But I love that I love you.
I love that I need you.
I love that I have a weirdo to share things with.
I love that I have a person to keep grounded and keeps me grounded.
And I most definitely know that I will never forget the best and craziest thing that has ever happened to me - being your best friend that just happens to be in love with you.
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 2
The Thoughts of a Heartbroken Teenager
The time you wished you said more than you did
The time you wished he showed you who he really is
Yet you still love him after all the pain that was caused
Replaying the memories in your mind; the pain can never be paused
The you start to think it's your fault - why he up and left
Maybe he didn't want to hurt you or make you a worse mess
Then comes the tears of your past
You want the pain to stop, but it just lingers and lasts
You start to think that no one else cares
Your friends and family - are they even there?
You're gone for so long, but no one gives one
You're not him; they only care when he's gone
They say it's 'cause they've known him longer
Why should that even matter?
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 3 6
It's On You
This is a lesson for everyone, even for the people that don't do anything wrong.
Sticks and stones sure do break bones
But words and insults can still hurt
You don't know what a person's life is like
So don't judge them
You don't know what they've been through
So don't assume you know everything about them
You don't know how they think
So stop acting like you do
Because it only takes the one more insult - the last insult - to become too much.
Then whatever happens to that person is now on you
Because you crossed the line
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 9
We're Us
We worked out our problems
I feel so much better
But I think I keep falling in love with you
Over and over again
Though I know I shouldn't
I can't help it
We're each other's addiction
We're each other's muse
We're us.
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 0
I Guess You've Changed
You knew I had a problem with her... yet you believed her lies.
You knew she spread crap about me... and you still believed her lies.
You never even talked to me to my face to ask me if it was true.
You just assumed it was.
Boy, you have some massive trust issues.
I've had feelings for you for a while.
You moved away for a month and came back - but as someone I've never seen before.
I couple of months ago, my old best friend was there.
But now...all I see is a monster.
A scary monster who uses what I say against me.
You were supposed to be my friend, but where are you when I need you.
You hide behind a computer screen.
I tried to solve this problem - I tried telling you that we needed to talk.
Because you needed to know the truth - that she was lying to you.
But you said that you didn't want to talk.
We haven't really talked in almost two weeks.
I guess I am seeing you as you are now.
Scared, sad, and having a hard time trusting people.
You said that by me always asking you what was wr
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 7
I Don't Belong Here
I’ve never been so scared before. I don’t belong in this place - this place of criminals. This place meth-heads and pot lovers. This place where people love little children and have raped others. I just - I don’t belong here.
The first day I got here, I made a friend. Well, not really a friend because I’m afraid that in the middle of my sleep he’ll kill me. He’s a creep, but he was the only person to give me some decent advice - don’t drop the soap… I found that weird as he gave me a pat on the back.
This guy’s name was Marco. He was there for three accounts of murder and five accounts of manslaughter. He had tattoos all up his neck. They look like they were waiting for the right time to asphyxiate him. I felt bad for the guy because he was just trying to protect his family from a gang in Trenton, but then again, it is his fault that he tried to join the gang, even though he failed miserably.
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 2 0
Kids, Never Drink And Drive
Jim went to a high school party.
He drank three bottles of beer.
Then he drank some whiskey.
He was not smart, dear.
At midnight, Jim wanted to drive home.
He decided that he was not driving alone.
He took his friend, Misty, for a ride.
She sat on the passenger’s side.
Jim drove to an intersection down the street.
He stopped harshly at the traffic light.
Misty banged her head really badly.
No, Misty was not alright.
Jim wanted to take her to the hospital.
Jim was speeding to get there.
He was weaving in the lane.
However, Jim did not care.
Jim tried to merge lanes.
He did not see the car.
The passenger door fell off.
He did not get very far.
Now, Misty is dead.
Jim was scared and did not stay.
He drove off instead.
He was in massive trouble that day.
Jim was scared to get caught.
His attention was divided.
He got off the highway.
That was what he decided.
He kept having jerking motions.
He was not in a good mental state.
He crashed into the car in front of him.
He killed a backse
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 3 2
Mature content
I Don't Think You Know What It's Like :iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 5 2
Mature content
The Day Everything Changed (Chapter 4) :iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 0
Mature content
The Day Everything Changed (Chapter 3) :iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 0
Mature content
The Day Everything Changed (Chapter 2) :iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 3 4
Mature content
The Day Everything Changed (Chapter 1) :iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 2
Never Ending Doom
On the bed, in my pjs,
Is how the night is starting.
Feeling happy about getting candy,
But then my eyes are darting.
I heard a weird groan
Coming from the dark room.
I start to panic,
And I start to assume.
“You shouldn’t have messed with me,”
An old woman cackles.
“You’ll be sorry.”
She begins putting me in shackles.
She pulls me in with her,
Into this old mirror.
Her eyes burn red as she says,
“Calling my name out wasn’t smart, dear.”
The mirror breaks,
And shatters into millions of pieces.
Fire burns me alive
As my life ceases.
“Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary,”
Says the new girl who lives here.
“You shouldn’t have messed with me”
I say to her as I make her come into the mirror.
Every time Halloween comes around.
Beware for the scare.
If you scream, “Bloody Mary.”
You will die. I swear.
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 2 0
Your Story
Sometimes people come into your life…
And sometimes people leave it.
It’s going to hurt,
It’s going to cause pain,
But they were there to teach you a lesson…
They can come and stay for a page or chapter in your book.
But they don’t define what your book is about -
Only you do…
Only you can decide what you want your ending to be…
But when people leave your story -
Your story isn’t ending…
It’s just beginning a new page or chapter.
You need to learn from your mistakes and move on from them.
You need to learn that if a person is truly meant to be or stay in your life
Both you and that person will agree and compromise if it’s truly worth it.
If they aren’t meant to be in your life,
They will leave,
But you need to move on
Even though it hurts,
A lot of fairy tales end well,
But sometimes they are fake
Don’t let a person leaving end your story
And make your book a fake fairy tale.
End the conflict
And make your st
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 6 0
When I'm Famous...
When I am “famous”...
I will be known for my creative side whether it is my music, acting, or writing.
I will help the less fortunate with my money, but everyone with my heart
I will be a person that someone can confide in.
I will be someone who means something to someone else.
I will be someone who dreams and believes.
I will be someone who tries.
But, no matter what people want from me,
I will be myself and stay true to myself.
Because with fame, people know who you are and what you did,
But my self-respect is worth a lot more than what someone else thinks about me.
To be famous is to be known for something whether it be good or bad.
I’d rather be loved more than be famous.
(But both would be nice since the money wouldn’t hurt - so I can still do good things but shop, too!!!)
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 4 0
Birds chirping
Bees buzzing
Sweet Life
:iconweird-and-unique:Weird-and-Unique 2 0


You kept me smiling
You made me laugh
You knew what to say
You could relate
Now you're gone
I can't keep it together
I was in tears
Just missing you
Sitting at that table
Will never be the same
Waiting in class
Will haunt my brain
I have to try and busy myself
With work and such
But still my mind drifts back
Remembering you're gone for good
I'm sorry
It must have been my fault
I have bad luck
Maybe it was karma kicking my ass
Some people are glad
Some are sad
Some want a replacement
I just want you back
I hope your new class is better
I hope you make some friends
Please don't forget me
And all of us too
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 6 0
Momentary Life (1)
The wind dances through the trees
And makes the water ripple
The sun shines while the clouds protect us
It's warm but under the cool shade it's perfect
These days when the weather is perfect
Are the best days to be alive
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 4 3
Momentary Life (2)
The waves glide along the sandy shore
The sun reflects and dances across the water
The cool breeze combats the heat
On the horizon there are dozens of boats
Gently flowing across the sea
The sunrise casting them in brilliant hues
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 4 5
Momentary Life (3)
Drip drop
The rain falls flat
A grayscale covers the sky
A warm tear falls
Drip drop
Onto the cold ground
Glad that the world shares the feelings
Of despair and sadness
More warm water flows;
Faster than the rain
Drip drop
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 4 2
Momentary Life (4)
Shivers run down my spine
Tingling with fear I listen
The voice yells in anger
The other bites back
Warm salt streaks my face
And I close my eyes
A cry of outrage surges
A door slams
And shakes the house
Yet people wonder why I cry
When they raise their voice
I'm terrified
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 4 4
Mature content
Happiness :iconexoticshorty101:ExoticShorty101 2 2
If no one sees us fall, do we still break?
I grew tired of the lies
So I built this city of cardboard
And played hide and seek.
Or maybe it was tag.
I call shotgun.
I get to be the fugitive first.
Then it can be your turn.
This isn't right.
You are not Anubis.
You do not get to decide my worth.
And I am not Christ.
I do not get to judge you.
Did Lucifer fall
Or did he trip?
There's a difference.
We're paradoxical,
You and I.
Like killing trees
To discover how long they have lived.
We'll destroy each other
To discover how strong we are.
Kiss me.
Like a mother.
Like a lover.
Hurt me.
Like a mother.
Like a lover.
Tell me you are trying to help.
More lies.
But they are not for me.
I'll tell you the same.
One more lie.
But it is not for your benefit.
We're falling,
You and me,
Like lonely trees in a forest
With no one to hear them.
Or maybe we've tripped,
A tangle of limbs.
Because yes,
There is a difference.
(It's all in the landing.)
:iconkizin-of-kaplumba:Kizin-of-kaplumba 4 0
When you left me
I was lying on bed crying like Van Gogh did
But not with the ear cut, with the heart broken
But not with blood, with tears.
When you left me
All my sweet dreams about you
became nightmares reminding me how dumb I was when I believed you.
If I am right, you said that I was special.
But did I become like the others in a few days ?
:iconluffykun300:luffykun300 2 3
Toxic Love
Loving you
is like watering
A dead and toxic plant
But I didn't lose hope
I watered you day after day
Just to see a flower
Loving you
is like feeding
an dead and toxic animal
But I didn't lose hope
I fed you day after day
Just to not feel lonely and miserable
Loving you
is like having my hands
around my Love's neck
I really wanted to kill him
Something held me
But still this desire increased day after day
Just to forget you
Please let me see the beauty
of your flower
Please don't make me feel lonely
and miserable
Or teach me how to forget you.
:iconluffykun300:luffykun300 4 2
Let's Gooo~ by The-Screwup Let's Gooo~ :iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 3 8
My Dearest, K (3)
My Dearest, K
My worst fear is that I'll be your first heartbreak
It seems that I always manage to become that person
I hope if it does happen you'll be able to let me go
But that's not always the case I know
I feel as if I've stolen your love
I don't deserve it
Feelings don't always last
I've learned from experience
So if you let me go I understand
I've never been great at showing my emotions anyway
I've been the only person to hurt myself
I've managed to point out my every flaw
To say the wrong thing every time
To hurt those who I care for most
It's an endless cycle
And I'm so sorry I dragged you into it
I love you but I'm scared
It sounds silly I understand
Normal people would never understand what I mean
But you do
I love you
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 3 15
My Dearest, K (2)
(I can't really focus right now so I apologize in advance for the quality of this poem)
My dearest, K
Listen to me
I love you
I know I'm just some random person
Typing into a computer
And sure you can be skeptical of me
I'm a stranger
In fact you shouldn't trust me
I always do something to hurt everyone
So for your sake you should ignore me
But if you decide to take this chance
Then I'll make everything worthwhile
At least I'll try
I wish I was there to help you
And yet at the same time
I wish I was dead in the ground
I know you
At least I think I do
I'm trusting you've filled me in
At least partway
From what I know
I love you
And if there's more
(I'm sure there is)
Then I can't wait to fall even more in love
I'm only planning on sticking around for five years
I hope that's enough time to spend with you
And if you want to move on from
My manipulative words
And find someone with a voice
Then by all means do it
I don't want you to deal with my death
I don't want you to deal with me
I don
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 2 7
My Dearest, K (1)
My Dearest, K
My mind settles only on you
Remembering bits and parts of your poems
Your mind is truly unique
And beautiful in every way
It seems almost surreal
That you write about me
And perhaps it's the same to you
It's odd to think that just yesterday you found out:
I love you
It seems like an eternity since I posted that poem
Then again I have a poor sense of time
I choose to blame my memory
Your words float around my mind
I finally have defense
From someone other than myself
To fight my demons
Trying to throw insults
Now getting caught by your loving words
I know not the feel of your gaze or skin
Nor do I need to
As far as I'm concerned you're beautiful
You're my entire world
From the highest mountain to the bottom of the ocean
You're as wonderful as a sunset or rainstorm
It may sound rushed
My feelings
But I only have a limited amount of time alive
(Trust me it will be short)
And I wish to experience life
Before I end it
So please believe me when I say:
I love you
:iconthe-screwup:The-Screwup 5 8
The Grey Wolf by ElectronTheShinx82 The Grey Wolf :iconelectrontheshinx82:ElectronTheShinx82 12 12
A Bird
There once was a bird that dared to soar above all the others, and how graceful it was. The other birds didn't know how to react, and so they shunned the one who was different. Day after day they questioned the strange bird who insisted on being different, silently gawking and hissing with laughter. One day, the bird was tired of heckling and flew to a nearby meadow to escape the comments and torment. Here the bird flew as high as could be, twirling upon winds and dancing like they have never danced before and then final-
The little bird fell to the earth, and landed upon the ground with a thud.
This my friends, is because people always feel the need to destroy things that are beautiful. As for the other birds, they knew not of the fate of their little clown. The only thing they knew, was that they missed the little bird, and it's elegant dancing.
:iconneptunes-sparks:Neptunes-Sparks 3 5
Is it so bad?
Is it so bad that I still miss you?
That your blood courses through my veins.
Is it so bad that even though you're poison, I crave you?
That you are my greatest addiction.
Is it so bad that I see you always?
That you are my last thought at night?
Is it so bad that despite your shortcomings, I continue to defend you?
That I battle against those who belittle you?
Is it so bad that I want to reach out?
That I still wish to be friends?
Perhaps it is.
Perhaps it is bad that I miss you.
Maybe I need a blood transfusion.
Perhaps it is bad that I still crave you.
Maybe I need an antidote.
Perhaps it is bad that I see you always.
Maybe I need glasses.
Perhaps it is bad I still defend you.
Maybe you're not worth it.
Perhaps it is bad I want to reach out.
Maybe you've proven to be a crappy person.
Not even perhaps, of course it's bad.
You have become a waste of my time.
:iconneptunes-sparks:Neptunes-Sparks 4 11



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